What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

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  • Posted on Nov 09 at 8:31 PM by zuton23

    Although this is not my favorite REM song, its the one that got me hooked. I knew of REM in november 1994, but listening to the radio one evening, this new song blasted onto the air. What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is your Benzedrine, uh-huh. that was it. i was hooked not quite sure what this stipe fellow was saying but i liked it. As soon as it finished i was on the phone to my sister. "i know what you can get me for christmas" Monster was on its way. followed by Automatic for the people. next up was The best of (IRS) not what i expected but i just got me more hooked.

  • Posted on Nov 09 at 7:37 PM by distiple77

    This is not my favourite REM song but then it's too difficult to chose one anyway. One of my greatest REM memories is seeing them live for the first time in Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium. This was my first stadium gig and all the more exciting to watch the greatest band there.
    I will always remember the crowd going absolutely crazy when the opening rock chords of WTFK came on. Fantastic atmosphere and one of the best days of my life