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Supernatural Superserious

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Posted on Dec 24 at 10:08 PM by Anonymous

i think because there is something about growing up in this song - about the loving support of someone, about how life becomes something else as we grow up, especially when that loving support is there.. because there is something of christmas in all of that ( the crass consumerism aside.. far, far aside!) ..from the kid who believes in santa to the adult who becomes the loving supporter.there's a 'coming of age' or 'rite of passage' aspect to this song and that exists in christmas, too.

Posted on Nov 15 at 7:07 PM by Anonymous

As curious as it may seem, I became a fan of R.E.M. with Accelerate.

For most of the nineties and 2000s I ignored them, the reason being that I was a busy professional with little or inexistent time to consacrate to records. In the eighties, as a kid, I was too young to seriously take an interest in music.

Between the Autumn of 2010 and July 2011 I acquired most of R.E.M. discography. It was an exciting journey. Since I was exposing myself to this music, for the very first time in life, I approached every album as it was a new album, as it had just came out the day I was hearing it.

Posted on Nov 09 at 3:08 PM by Anonymous

Supernatural Superserious heralded a new direction for R.E.M. Rising from the ashes of Around the Sun, R.E.M had a point to prove. One of my fondest memories of the band around this time was travelling to Dublin to see the first night of the working rehearsals at the Olympia Theatre. My wife and I popped into the Bono/Edge co owned Clarence Hotel to have a quick nosy (and use the little boy’s room). On the way out we chatted to a very friendly door man who mentioned the band were staying at the hotel and were due to exit the hotel sometime soon to sound check.