So. Central Rain

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  • Posted on Nov 19 at 8:43 AM by tradeanne
  • Posted on Nov 16 at 2:05 AM by Sueg516

    I stumbled across this song when I was about 22 and fell completely and hopelessly in love with it, and the band. I went out and bought the album and Murmur, and everything after that. I can still listen to it over and over and never tire of it. I drug a few people out with me in the early years to see you, although they didn't have a clue who you were, but by the time they left the concert, they understood! Thank you all for all the wonderful memories you have made and all the beautiful music you have created. You are a true treasure! Forever my favorite band!

  • Posted on Nov 10 at 10:29 PM by pinx1967

    I was 16 and it was like discovering America :) Thank you!