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Posted on May 07 at 6:54 AM by Anonymous

I started recognizing R.E.M. when Automatic For The People got into my hands (which was 2001 and 14 years old me). Even though the album had been released much earlier, I loved it and used to listen to it every night and day all the time. At that time I was on a dormitory high school and my roommates got addicted to it just as I did.
Just like for every fan of R.E.M. it is impossible for me to choose the BEST song or album they had made during their career. It always depends on my mood and all the circumstancies which album I choose.

Posted on Nov 12 at 12:00 PM by Anonymous

The reason why this was chosen over "Drive" to be included in this collection remains a mystery...this, and "Living Well is the Best Revenge" are the oddest and most uncomprehensible choices to me. Was it meant as a joke?

Posted on Nov 11 at 12:54 AM by Anonymous

There is a smell that only happens on a warm sunny day when there are only white puffy clouds in the sky but the air has a scent that is fresh and pure you'd swear a cool drizzle could start at any moment. Back in a time when I had a new favorite song every two weeks, and each one was by R.E.M., I can remember that smell and this song. With a perfect mix of Peter's jangly guitar and Michaels eccentric lyrics this song can't help but make me feel happy in a melancholy way. When I heard the news of the break up, this was the first song I played. It seemed appropriate.