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  • Posted on Nov 15 at 11:43 PM by WriterR5
    Pop Song

    I have been a fan of REM since 1986 when I was still in high school. I love the band, the music, and the way Michael Stipe dances on stage.

  • Posted on Nov 10 at 12:21 AM by blackplaid
    Pop Song

    1990. I was 14 and had just fallen in love with the first boy I kissed. He made me a mix tape which began with "You Are the Everything" and I fell in love with REM. I purchased "Green" and worked backwards through every album and have continued to listen faithfully to every one since. To this day I can listen to the song and I am 14 again and in love for the very first time. Thank you, REM.

    (Headed under related song "Pop Song 89" because it begins "Green")