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Orange Crush

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Posted on Nov 28 at 1:18 AM by Anonymous

Here's a little story from one of R.E.M. shows when the band made it into an unforgettable night for myself and my two friends.
7th September, 2003. R.E.M. are the headliner of the Street Scene Festival in San Diego. I'm in first row, holding a small sign made during the afternoon, that reads "I believe in REM From Italy".
Mills is the first to notice my sign when we walks up on stage, partially thanks to the sunlight. He looks surprised but amused and he smiles back.
Towards the middle of the show Peter Buck, who noticed my sign as well at some point, murmurs something in Michael's ear,

Posted on Nov 16 at 12:54 PM by Anonymous

Green was the very first CD that I ever bought. I was 17 years old, and it was thrilling to participate in the transition from cassettes & records to something that was actually played by laser! And I can testify that the promised longevity of the medium was perfectly accurate. I still have it, still play it from time to time, and had I bought it on the older mediums, it would have been quickly worn out because it played for hours on end, day after day, for months. "World Leader Pretend" was my favorite song on the album, but "Orange Crush" was a close second.

Posted on Nov 09 at 3:57 PM by Anonymous

My friend and I became R.E.M. fans about the time of Life's Rich Pageant so by the time of the Green tour we knew a decent amount of back catalogue but had yet to see the band live. There were two UK legs to that tour I recall, the first in medium-sized venues and then a later return to arenas. We travelled on a coach of fellow fans from Birmingham to Leicester to catch them at De Montfort Hall (on 17th May 1989 to be exact) - a venue of the size where getting yourself down the front didn't involve a 20 minute walk.

The gig was superb but two moments stand out, both confirmed in my mind that