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Posted on Nov 16 at 1:04 AM by Anonymous

It was 1994 and I was in the midst of the best concert I've ever been to. The opening act was an awesome band called Belly. 100% underrated. Search for the song "Super Connected" if you want to find out. They were followed by Oasis. That was before Wonderwall, mind you. Fantastic. Followed by the Cranberries who at the time were more popular than Oasis. Yeah, I know. And then, finally, REM. My first time seeing them. The first tour in forever. They cancelled the concert in Frankfurt due to Bill's aneurism. I saw them in Duren, close to Cologne, Germany. It was an open air concert by a lake.

Posted on Nov 15 at 4:37 PM by Anonymous

To this day, "Nightswimming" remains one of my favorite all-time R.E.M. songs. Every single time I hear it, I'm taken back to 1994, standing on a stage at the University of Maryland and singing this to a piano accompaniment, hoping it would do enough to impress this girl I was head over heels over. It seemed to work. Later that summer on an August night, we hung out with a group of friends on McKeldin Mall, dipping our feet in the fountain, with "Nightswimming" echoing in my head.

Race forward to today.

Posted on Nov 14 at 4:00 PM by Anonymous

Woken, half awake in the middle of the night. Pitch black, R.E.M's 'Nightswimming' playing on the radio really loud, echoey, beautiful. Felt as though I was diving through the velvet depths of the cosmos, free falling. Started to sob but didn't want the moment to end. Not the first time this has happened and always that song. Sent to me from out there. Not a coincidence. When I am sleeping you bring back something of what I once was. Gravity's pull. Weird to think of the journey.