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Man on the Moon

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Posted on Nov 30 at 12:37 PM by Anonymous

I loved Man on the Moon the first time I heard it. I was 13, just getting into music and went out to buy the album on CD; even though I didn't yet have a CD player I knew I wanted the album on a better quality medium than cassette! The album quickly became, and still is my favourite album ever - I think it's so beautiful and totally unique from start to finish. Next album I bought was Out of Time, which sealed my love for REM and so began a teenage obsession.

Posted on Nov 10 at 5:36 PM by Anonymous

It must have been 1993 when I first got in touch with R.E.M. During vacations I saw that outrageous video on MTV and felt in love with that band. It took some time to find out the name of that band, the only thing I could remember was that it has something to do with "if you believe..." ... that was a long time before google, itunes or even remhq.
The song started a longtime relationship between a 12 year old boy and the world's famoust band. That song represents my teens and is a huge part of my identity. Listening to this song makes me feel so good. I thank R.E.M.

Posted on Nov 08 at 10:29 PM by Anonymous

In college, my roommate and I had this set of glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on our dorm room walls. We put the moon right over the door, and I stuck some little glowing action figure of some sort onto the moon so it looked like it was walking on the surface.

Some nights as I turned out the lights, my roommate would start singing, "If you believe... they put a man on the moon..."

I always joined in, and then she'd laugh and turn over to fall asleep. Happy memories.