Losing My Religion

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  • Posted on Nov 09 at 11:21 AM by kjetil.idland

    My girlfriend (now wife) and I were on the Greek island of Corfu in the early 90's, renting a room in a house. We had our breakfasts on a delightful small patio there. But in a room on the first floor with a window facing the patio, a boy was clearly very sad, and he played Losing My Religion constantly, singing along (a bit out of tune). At the time I didn't know about R.E.M. so when I heard the song on the radio when I came home and learned the origins, I bought the album and my wife and I were hooked! Thanks for all the good times, Mike, Bill, Peter and Michael!

  • Posted on Nov 08 at 9:59 PM by mnaka

    Lying down on the carpet in living room, the tv was on and Losing My Religion began. I liked the video, but that time I was tired, I felt a sleep and I just listened. And nearly at the end of the song I woke up with a thought: „it's sooooo beautiful song and voice“
    The next weekend I bought a tape. I didn’t know anything about the band and I didn’t even know the name of the record. I came back home with Automatic For The People. There wasn‘t the song I wanted but at first listen I loved it all !!

  • Posted on Nov 05 at 2:27 PM by Andyouarenotme

    As a teenager friends, family, people you meet often ask "what's your favourite band?". Until the age of 18, I couldn't answer that question.