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Everybody Hurts

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Posted on Feb 05 at 1:31 AM by Anonymous

so - Stipe has cited an article which says in its headline that 'everbody hurts' was voted "the most depressing song of all time". (in the body of the article, they say "saddest song", which isn't the same as depressing, and that isn't really right either). the song is about emotional pain, so it's a somber subject and poignantly performed, but what it's *really* about is that pain is transient, and can be borne and survived, and if that isn't hopeful, i don't know what is. :)
it's the sort of song people may cling to when they are sad / depressed, but that doesn't mean it's a depressing

Posted on Nov 15 at 6:17 PM by Anonymous

Ok, so I have loved REM for many years. This is my favourite REM song ever. It was my wife and I's song, that we danced to at our wedding. It is "our" song. We have been married 14 years, and I found out 6 months ago that she had been having an affair for the previous 4 months. This has really hit me hard, and I am now just getting over it. Everybody hurts seems to have taken on a new meaning since finding out!
There are 2 songs that I have always wanted to have played at my funeral (whenever that may be), and 1 of them is this one. Such a moving, powerfull song.

Posted on Nov 10 at 5:58 PM by Anonymous

It was 1995. My brother-in-law had been suffering from AIDS for several years and had finally passed away. He was 31 and a year older than me. He lived in Greenwich Village and had many, many friends. None of us really knew how to deal with the pain of his loss. He wanted a simple ceremony for his funeral and had planned all of the details in advance. About half way through the service, "Everybody Hurts" was played.