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Night Swimming Cover

Here's my second cover of an REM song. I love it.


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If time flies, before leaving memories, I just want to no scars left quietly. From then on, I would look up at the sky every day to coach outlet the same position, is not looking for anything, just because the habit of loneliness.

A bright blooming of flowers, Kaidaotuni, even if only one day, only one second. Then remove the last a deep fragrance in the way of flowers, slowly walked back to the premises placed his own soul.

When the hot summer once again invade silent city, time once again quietly from the fingertips between slip in sat, chatting, lamented when, in thought, time on the passage in coach purses outlet an instant, without leaving the slightest trace.

When to start to learn every inch of scenery depicting life's journey with my shallow text, every mood, every story, words to the policies formulated youth enchanting. Uninhibited for Love, once wanton sway youthful mind like clouds, ma'am, because the mind has become the past, because the past has become the story. When looking back, the bitter worth mentioning, sweet worth mentioning, because to have disappeared, because experience has become a memory. When looking back, the true worth mentioning, fuzzy worth mentioning, because everything is gone, no longer find not back. Time always passes so quickly, and not remember what the passage of time and hurried. A section of the past, such as skimming over the surface, such as sand from the fingers run off, gone, take it back. Image crippled fragments of memory, and even as to what happened can not remember, probably are not supposed to what happened, nothing exists, like a forgotten dream.

Those who have disappeared, and that will disappear, no matter how forgotten lonely when I was lonely and sad, I will be sad.

Now, looking back at the old laughter and tears, sighing gone, can not help but tear drops. The story began to be forgotten, I knew from the very beginning.

Since vanished, I have learned to cherish, cherish every blooming day.

A lot of people, a lot of things, do not need to say goodbye, just passing through, good at the memory of the people may be profound, but by no means easy. Forgotten is the best mark. Forget that often the best choice.

Total lamented the misfortune of the past in the past the good, in fact, the day is like a naughty elves, rub shoulders with me snicker away. Finally, he found that coach factory he was deception.

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Dust undetermined prior to the arrival of the dark, still strive to open up a bright road out of different from the last track. Along the way, there will still be a colorful, will still be thousands of miles. At that time, all the sadness and tears will turn a daylight louis vuitton purses shining into the inner joy of happiness.

Forgotten is to forget that you're here, and I was there, and you forget me, I forgot you; forgotten is the distance on the ocean floor, fish, birds in the sky, there is no intersection; forgotten is the time period of Bana open a thousand years, a thousand years, but not goodbye.

Forgotten the sad, forgotten the pain, forgotten guilt in life, and also such as the summer sun, the same thorough and bright.

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