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Tickets R.E.M. Rio de Janeiro 2008


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<a href=>prada online store</a> A exclusive signifies of exterior obtain additional, that's most frequently a ramp,vans shoes sale, a motorized lift, or turning seat. The van suspension is then stiffened to allow for your additional fat of wheelchairs, usually people who are driven by a motor. <a href=>mcm sale</a> It may well even be vital for gasoline tanks to get modified or replaced with tailor made models. Just after the conversion approach,vans footwear available for sale, these modified autos are then analyzed to make certain protected and ideal operation

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Wow Amazing event, The post ASUS Fonepad Tablet 7 Inci dengan Fungsi Telepon appeared first on Blog promosi.dan yang keren promosi terbaik The post Toko Kamera Murah di Indonesia banyak paket hemat untuk paket studio bisnis anda.

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In the event of unusual circumstances, and then by setting the specific reasons for fault analysis algorithmdental burs, fault codes stored in the system's ECU memory lane, and began to run the appropriate functions and implementing measures faulty modules (such as fault indicator / fault warning tone / Auto stop corresponding function), reminding failure to repair shop car repair and technical maintenance personnel can use automated equipment to read the fault code and accurate fault diagnosis and eliminate the problems.

(B) of vehicle control protocol used in the current national depot vehicle control protocols are the following: CAN / MOST / LIN / FlexRay's? ISO/VPW/PWN/KWP2000? Other vehicles used digital / analog control signal dedicatedMost Taiwan's new automobiles and ISO protocol agreement in the old KWP protocol, which is part of the Ministry of Science and relatively new / advanced Japanese / European vehicles are also used to the CAN bus protocol (VAG's Audi / VW B6, Mazda 6, etc.)dental apex root locator, ELM327 USB, the stars and the next generation of FlexRay protocol. CAN bus protocol is also frequently used to automate industrial control systems (such as temperature control / air conditioning control elevators, etc.). Generally below the steering wheel and pedals have a margin between the J1962 16PIN diagnostic socket (Fig. 3), so you can OBD2 connection cable (as shown in Figure 2), the connection socket 16 PIN J1962, please read ECU data. Currently car computer diagnostic equipment can be divided into 2 types:

1. Universal handheld diagnostic equipment: only read / clear error codes, error code will be displayed on the LCD PXXX strings, error codes read out to turn off manual control. Does not offer many features. PC version
dental x ray scanner: Connect your computer to use a graphical display. For most vehicle ECU engine monitoring, data analysis and recording of dynamic data agreement, read / clear error codes. Including VIN code reading, engine speed, vehicle speed, engine temperature, load, air flow, oxygen sensor, Tenants Purchase Scheme and other relevant information. For vehicles and more.

2. Special diagnostic device type? In addition to the engine, but also includes ABS / equipment / gear / Airbag / comfort essential / POST / login. Most of these agreements is the physical layer / data link layer protocol, the protocol needs to match (eg SAE1979), (three) Product Description This product is a universal top quipment, support OBDII-ISO 9141-2 / ISO 14230 - 4 ( KWP2000) /
Loupes Dental J1850 VPW/J1850 PWN / CAN ISO-15765-4 protocol, using public version of the ELM327 V1 decoder IC design, ELM327 help us deal with the underlying (Layer1/Layer2 a) and upper (application layer) communication, therefore, ignore the complex communication protocols, as long as the AT commands have found, can be quickly applied to software development, program development....123

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15 anniversary celebration in honor of the brand, Gold Jimmy Choo Sandals will launch a new women's shoes series, set up a charity fund to solve the problem of women, at the same time also will be published a book about the history of the brand. Today in New York, Jimmy Choo Glitter the 15 anniversary of shoe series officially unveiled, the range of 15 from brand shoes all classic shoe money of the history of 15 years. Jimmy Choo Nude Heels There is a Feather in the 15 shoes, "sex and the city" has its own set of Sarah Jessica Parker, to find this pair of shoes of all sorts of fun; Macy, this pair of shoes is red carpet of the female stars love, Christian Louboutin Silver Pumps Natalie Portman has recently been wearing this pair of shoes red carpet; Fleur, Mellon in accepted the British royal family honor awarded by the queen of England when they wear this pair of Christian Louboutin Balota 150 Glitter Feathers and crystal ornament, strong sense of affinity suede that combines retro and modern elegance; Fresh rural grid, stereo feeling of the beaded mix build, or enchanting animal prints, Christian Louboutin Alta add a young vibrant tassel, whether it is day or night, were injected with more strength and confidence to women.

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French master shoes Christian Louboutin with classic boat shoes this season as a design blueprint, Christian Louboutin Balota 150 Glitter creating new spring/summer quarter of Men's shoes Steckel Men 's Flat. Christian Louboutin Alti 160 Use high order of leather shoes, navy blue collocation presents the leisure Marine atmosphere. Christian Louboutin Heels In addition, the master at the edge of the shoes plus dozens of rivet to try to adorn, Belt M6833W not only the rich features of Christian Louboutin, make themselves more mature lasting appeal shoe add fashion sense, thus become and don't different. Shoes priced at $995, Monogram Canvas M41428 is currently in Christian Louboutin sale online store, the fresh rural grid, stereo feeling of the beaded mix build, or enchanting animal prints, add a young vibrant tassel, whether it is day or night, M45714 were injected with more strength and confidence to women. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Nil M45244

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Jimmy Choo, south of Taipei local stores issued a new spring/summer 2013 the new shoes and bag series, Jimmy Choo Abel 100Mm Red Patent Leather Pointy Toe Pumps 2013 chun xia series to active in the late 60 s and 70 s glamorous gypsy amorous feelings for inspiration, tassel, Jimmy Choo Nude Heels fringe, numismatics refined decoration in suede, python leather, soft leather... Such as material. Chic tobacco brown and black as the base, the orchid with bright purple, lime color, Jimmy Choo Lance 115Mm Nude indigo blue create a visual hierarchy. Colorful flowers are indispensable important elements in this season, on python leather through technology, Jimmy Choo Isabel Pumps Black to create a strong feeling of unrestrained interest and impact. The Trunk ", Jimmy Choo Patent Platform Peep Toe Pump Nude a collection of short stories to French Gallimard publishing house 'Hors serie Litterature' series of books and periodicals, specialty limited to Louis vuitton sale; Paxton Mirrored Leather Sandals Hardback with Quetingny Darantiere 110 grams of parchment paper printing

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Shoes respectively named "Cris Case", "Vendome" and "Louis Junior" such a beautiful name, Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale each pair of shoes is unique, because of the above with Japanese old stamps and subway map, suit the theme "TRASH" garbage, but the effect is quite amazing. "TRASH" series is a series of Christian Louboutin was first published in 1999, Louboutin UK over the years with a ticket, cigarette butts, COINS, buttons and other elements to do topic, Christian Louboutin Pumps will be tarnished gadgets to glow attractive luster. Now to the ginza flagship store to buy Christian Louboutin, interested might as well look cheap.
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Jimmy Choo 2013 series shoes with high heels style is given priority to, Jimmy Choo Shoes Sale colorful bright candy color and strong abstract printing ornament more enriched the whole series. Jimmy Choo Online In addition, on the surface of the tassel and perspective for shoe lace design adds a very feminine, Jimmy Choo Discount cooperate with frosted texture of fabric and bright patent leather, make shoes more unique texture.

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Rihanna has been pointed rivet loading to appear, Designer Shoes everyone was thought to have such a suit crowded subway how much power and prestige, Christian Louboutin Shoes but is also think, I wear the rivet loading is not dare to go out. The Christian Louboutin of rivet bag can be used as a substitute, Jimmy Choo Heels carry out down after so. The front of the bag and side are decorated with rivet,handle hang ring is rivet, even they handle is rivet
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You mention about luxury French brand Christian Louboutin Online, besides is women favorite red bottom shoes outside, man shoes was opened, in addition to rivet shoes outside, Christian Louboutin Sale the most popular animal leather shoes with extreme luxury appearance show features, Spring/Summer 2012 series in the middle, Discount Christian Louboutin Sale you can see the double to Python leather for choice of high shoes "Python"
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Louis vuitton and literature has a long origin. Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet Since the 1914 years since opening, champs elysees of Louis vuitton has been the home for the customer to provide a comfortable space, women LV handbags speaking, reading and writing. This tradition is still in Paris, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Rome of Louis vuitton home reservations, in these places, Louis vuitton bookstore supply a series of carefully selected about art, fashion, design and travel books.
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Not long ago, Jimmy Choo Shoes Sale in Hong Kong international financial center The French Window display for The first time The brand Crystal Anniversary (Crystal Anniversary) series using swarovski elements, Jimmy Choo Pumps to celebrate The 15th Anniversary of this important moment. To celebrate the brand 15 years brilliant history and trademark fashion spirit, Jimmy Choo Boots brand in the coming year will be releasing a series of new plan, first launched is Crystal Anniversary (Crystal Anniversary) series
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Jimmy Choo Crystal Anniversary (Crystal Anniversary) series each piece of products at a very high quality handmade, Discount Jimmy Choo Shoes reveal the brand superb technology and traditional, match with swarovski elements of the Crystal bright deduce, jimmy choo booties a classic element evolution, and at the same time, with the concept of eternal, create belong to fashion shoes new vocabular

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Not long ago, Jimmy Choo Shoes Sale in Hong Kong international financial center The French Window display for The first time The brand Crystal Anniversary (Crystal Anniversary) series using swarovski elements, Jimmy Choo Pumps to celebrate The 15th Anniversary of this important moment. To celebrate the brand 15 years brilliant history and trademark fashion spirit, Jimmy Choo Boots brand in the coming year will be releasing a series of new plan, first launched is Crystal Anniversary (Crystal Anniversary) series
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Michael Phelps admiration of Michael Jordan a little short sighted (Letter)

Michael Phelps recently became the most accomplished swimmer in Olympic history. After his last race he was interviewed about his sporting idols, with this question he explained that he looked up to Michael Jordan essentially because he was the best ever in his sport. There is one problem with Phelps’ statement: Jordan isn’t the best ever.

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Why would anyone think that Michael Jordan is the greatest ever? Is it because he has six championship rings? That wouldn’t make sense because Bill Russell has 11 and three of those were as a player and a coach at the same time.

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Well, maybe because he is the best scorer ever? If this is true how come Wilt Chamberlin has the four highest scoring seasons and is the only person ever to score 100 points in a game. Jordan doesn’t even have the second highest single game total; that goes to Kobe Bryant with 81.

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But it was Jordan’s all-around game that makes him the best right? Well then wouldn’t that make Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, both champions; who both averaged about double the assists and two more rebounds than Jordan per game. Robertson averaged almost as many points per game with four less shots per game.

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Magic averaged about ten less points but on nine less shots. All were considered good defenders, but Jordan may have an advantage there. A good barometer of all-around play is the triple-double and Jordan at 28 isn’t even on the planet with Magic’s 138 or Robertson’s 181, the top two in the NBA record books.

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So, Phelps definitely looked up to a great player. Probably the greatest of his generation and a player who definitely changed the game, but maybe he should look at all the facts before deciding who the best player ever really is.

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NICK WORSLEY/Sparta, A Western Michigan University student

Michael Phelps admiration of Michael Jordan a little short sighted (Letter)

Michael Phelps recently became the most accomplished swimmer in Olympic history. After his last race he was interviewed about his sporting idols, with this question he explained that he looked up to Michael Jordan essentially because he was the best ever in his sport. There is one problem with Phelps’ statement: Jordan isn’t the best ever.

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Why would anyone think that Michael Jordan is the greatest ever? Is it because he has six championship rings? That wouldn’t make sense because Bill Russell has 11 and three of those were as a player and a coach at the same time.

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Well, maybe because he is the best scorer ever? If this is true how come Wilt Chamberlin has the four highest scoring seasons and is the only person ever to score 100 points in a game. Jordan doesn’t even have the second highest single game total; that goes to Kobe Bryant with 81.

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But it was Jordan’s all-around game that makes him the best right? Well then wouldn’t that make Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, both champions; who both averaged about double the assists and two more rebounds than Jordan per game. Robertson averaged almost as many points per game with four less shots per game.

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Magic averaged about ten less points but on nine less shots. All were considered good defenders, but Jordan may have an advantage there. A good barometer of all-around play is the triple-double and Jordan at 28 isn’t even on the planet with Magic’s 138 or Robertson’s 181, the top two in the NBA record books.

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So, Phelps definitely looked up to a great player. Probably the greatest of his generation and a player who definitely changed the game, but maybe he should look at all the facts before deciding who the best player ever really is.

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NICK WORSLEY/Sparta, A Western Michigan University student

Jay-Z christens Barclays Center with Brooklyn love

The newly built Barclays Center is the home of the Brooklyn Nets, and the team's co-owner, Jay-Z, christened the venue Friday night in uniform, sporting a Nets hat and jersey as he rapped two dozen jams onstage in front of thousands.

Jay-Z performed for an excited and rowdy crowd of 18,000, wearing a jersey that featured his last name, Carter, and the number four. It was his first of eight shows at the venue.

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As he emerged onstage, a video highlighting some of Brooklyn's historical moments - like when it was named an official borough of New York City - played in the background. There were also pictures of famous faces who were born in Brooklyn, from Michael Jordan to Al Capone to Aaliyah to Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys.

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Jay-Z opened the show with the hometown anthems "Where I'm From," a song about his upbringing in Brooklyn's Marcy projects complex, and "Brooklyn Go Hard." He followed that with a tribute to one of Brooklyn's icons: the late Notorious B.I.G. He performed some of the rap vet's hit "Juicy" as the crowd joined in.

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"Sing loud so he can hear you in heaven," said Jay-Z, who also held a moment of silence for the rapper, who was shot to death in 1997.

Another Brooklynite - Big Daddy Kane - made an appearance, performing songs like "Ain't No Half Steppin'" and "Warm It Up, Kane." He received a roaring cheer from the crowd when performing old-school dance moves with two dancers in all white.

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Jay-Z said Friday's concert was incomparable to most of his other top-level performances, including the Grammys, Glastonbury or Coachella.

"Nothing feels like tonight," he told the crowd multiple times.

The audience was excited and wild, cheering on Jay-Z as blue laser lights beamed across the venue. A seven-piece band was placed a level above Jay-Z, who paced from left to right while performing jams like "Empire State of Mind," "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)," "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," "99 Problems" and many others. Videos played on screens behind and above Jay-Z, while screens for fans in the higher sections - though not large enough - showed the rapper's performance on the left and right sides of the stage.

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"I want to thank you, Brooklyn, New York City, for making me the man I am today," he said. "Like I said, everybody's from Brooklyn tonight."

A fan in the front section held up Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn Dodgers jersey, immediately grabbing Jay-Z's attention. He asked the fan for it and said: "I promise I'll give it back."

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"Brooklyn had their heart broken," he said as he held up the jersey and referred to the Dodgers leaving for Los Angeles after the 1957 baseball season. "We cried for so many years. ...Look how far we've come."

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Jay-Z will perform at Barclays through Oct. 6 with the exception of Oct. 2

Charles Barkley Thinks LeBron Can Surpass Jordan

The discussion on whether LeBron James can be better than Michael Jordan is back, and guess who's fueling the debate?

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Yes, the opinionated and outspoken Charles Barkley once again says James could someday surpass Jordan and be better than 'His Airness' by the time LeBron's career comes to an end.

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According to, Barkley made this comments in the first episode of NBA TV's "Open Court," back for its second season. The show features former NBA players — who also work for TNT as television analysts — going back and forth on various topics in a round-table format.

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"I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said. "I thought I would never compare somebody to Michael Jordan. But this guy, LeBron James, he does everything well. Michael did everything well. LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. That's the only difference."

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The debate is nothing new. Jordan often is regarded as the greatest player of all time, but James and his freakish God-given gifts and abilities have made many think he could someday surpass the former Chicago Bulls superstar.

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LeBron is coming off a summer where he won his first NBA Championship with the Miami Heat and won a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. After many years of falling short in the postseason and the subsequent attacks on his mental strength, the feeling is that these triumphs could be the spark to propel James past Jordan in the "GOAT" conversation.

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Statistically, James is without question the greatest player that we've ever seen, but any conversation about who is the greatest ever — at least in the modern era of basketball — begins and ends with championships won. In a team sport where individuals receive all the glory, the greatest players are judged by how many times they can lead their team to the mountain top.

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And LeBron James, for as great as he is, still has a long way to go in catching MJ in that regard.

Finger of blame in Wak firing pointed right at Junior

"Three years ago when Ken Griffey Jr. returned to Safeco Field with the Cincinnati Reds, I listened to the pre-game ceremony on the radio and damn near teared up. The lengthy standing ovation was well-deserved for the man who helped save baseball in Seattle.

I loved the guy, but I'm not a Junior fan anymore. In the Go 2 Guy's estimation, Griffey is the biggest reason why Don Wakamatsu was fired as the Mariners manager on

To recap some of the dysfunctional developments, Junior struggled and slept in the clubhouse and was ultimately benched and got upset because he thought that Wakamatsu planted the whole Sleep-gate story with Larry LaRue, which is completely preposterous. And then he got even madder when Wakamatsu didn't communicate with him for two weeks after his benching or something like that.

I understand Griffey's place in the game, but was he so clueless that he needed Wakamatsu to continually explain why he was benched? Wakamatsu gave him more than enough time to produce, and when it didn't happen, what was the manager supposed to do? Keep putting him in the lineup? Wakamatsu, if I'm not mistaken, was trying to win games, and he couldn't do it with a powerless, sub-.200 designated hitter.

Griffey could have been a reasonably mature adult and hashed out his differences with Wakamatsu and stuck around as a part-time DH and full-time pinch-hitter who still would have wielded considerable clout in the

But no, Junior had to take his toys and go home. He said he left because he didn't want to be a distraction. Please. He left because he was in a full-on hissy-fit, mistakenly at odds with Wakamatsu.for

It's interesting to note that Wakamatsu, two years ago, had reservations about signing Griffey because he feared that Griffey's moodiness might be a problem in the clubhouse. Last year, when things were going well, Griffey was a clubhouse enhancer who everyone loved. He was also the congenial conduit between Ichiro and the rest of the team.

Then of course, you know what's happened this year -- everything goes to hell and Griffey goes to Orlando, driving off in a huff in one of the biggest chump moves ever."

Ken Griffey Jr.'s retirement is not the "fault" of Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu

We've barely gotten over the shock of yesterday's events and already, I'm starting to see a worrisome trend of people finger-pointing at Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu. This column won't help matters. And the topic is starting to come up on blogs and chat forums. The idea that Wakamatsu "forced" Griffey out of Seattle and that it's the manager's fault he is gone.

Not true. Wakamatsu had no choice. He's a second-year manager in serious trouble, given the underperformance of his team, the fact that a hitting coach on his staff has already been fired and that his dugout decisions are now being questioned daily by fans and some in the media.

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In other words, Wakamatsu has to manage, and manage well, or he, too, could find himself at home a lot sooner than he'd imagined.

I've been told that Wakamatsu and griffeys hadn't spoken to one another in over a week, at least, in a meaningful way. Whether that changed in the last 48 hours or so, I have no idea, but am told Griffey was not happy with being relegated to one pinch-hit appearance every week. He's not around now to answer questions, but when a guy up and retires and starts a cross-country drive home without so much as speaking to his manager, general manager, or addressing his teammates directly, you can assume there might be some hard feelings involved.

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But that's not Wakamatsu's problem. He has a team to manage and owes it to the other 24 players in that room to put the best club on the field that he possibly can. Griffey was given six weeks of daily playing time to recover his form and was unable to do it. Wakamatsu covered for him at every turn, telling reporters Griffey was working on using his legs more when he swung. He gave Griffey a start in his home state in Florida, even though it was clear by then that the lineup was somewhat depleted without Milton Bradley and could ill afford the presence of a sub-.500 OPS hitter in its ranks any longer.

If a player feels that communication is lacking with his manager, it's up to the player to go to that manager's office and say so. That's the way it works in baseball. Wakamatsu didn't hold a closed door meeting with Rob Johnson to tell him why he was on the bench the first few games that Josh Bard took over. He expected Johnson to know why.

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Yes, Griffey is of a greater stature than Johnson will ever be. But the same rules apply in professional baseball. You produce, you play. If you don't produce, then you can't expect to play once the team has somebody in-hand to take your place.

Of the other 24 guys in the room, only Mike Sweeney is in a position where he's unlikely to still be playing a year from now. No other players on the team are 40 years old yet, like Griffey is.

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So, it's a no-go to say that some struggling Mariners are still being given a chance to recover their form while Griffey was not.

Some players, like Johnson and Casey Kotchman, have lost playing time when the team had a replacement in-hand. And some of the struggling players are guys who are still expected to be playing baseball for years to come.

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Griffey was in a completely different boat. And as I said, he had his chance for the entire month of April and much of May.

Wakamatsu was in a no-win situation. If he doesn't play Griffey, he looks like the bad guy. Because there was no way for Griffey to recapture his stroke while pinch-hitting once a week.

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And if he did play Griffey a few times a week, still hoping for him to do something he'd been unable to for much of the past two seasons, he'd be putting his offense at risk when there were better options available.

The situation was crystal clear. And if Griffey had doubts about it, or was concerned he and his manager were not talking, Wakamatsu's door has always been open to any player. That's something Wakamatsu made clear from Day 1 of his tenure. It's not up to him to go to the player and ask whether or not the player thinks there is enough communication between them.

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Wakamatsu has so much more to worry about, starting with the other 24 guys in the room and including his holding on to the job he uses to support his family.

Believe it or not, there is precedent in sport for this type of situation. I saw it while growing up in Montreal in the mid-1980s.

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Back then, Montreal Canadiens icon Guy Lafleur, a hometown hero and every bit as big in his sport as Griffey was to baseball, was on the downside of his career. And at one point, with second-year coach Jacques Lemaire running things, Lafleur could no longer take having his ice time reduced.

Lafleur would later say that he and Lemaire barely spoke and that he felt humiliated by his lack of playing time. Those events ultimately pushed Lafleur to retire, even without anyone directly telling him to.

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The difference between that story and Griffey's? Well, Lafleur wasn't done yet. He came back four years later to play again for both the New York Rangers and Quebec Nordiques. His talent level when he first retired in 1984 wasn't close to being as diminished as Griffey's was as of yesterday. He just wasn't a superstar anymore and the team didn't think he was good enough to be carried on a playoff-bound club that wound up winning a championship a year later.

And, it should be noted, Lafleur and Lemaire had been friends and linemates only a few years earlier, forming one of the better combinations in hockey history.

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And even then, there was little to no communication between them at the end. But when this happened, Lemaire was still a new coach with job security that was tenuous at-best and had to do what was in the best interests of the team, not one superstar whose luster had faded.

Lemaire went on to become one of the better coaches in the modern era of the game. Lafleur later ended his rift with the Canadiens and all ended well.

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The bottom line? There is no easy way out of a situation like this. No matter how well-intentioned everyone is. No matter how delicate everyone tries to be with the feelings involved.

The Mariners are a team that was expected to contend this season and which has not been doing so. At least one job has already been lost because of it and others are now at risk if things don't get turned around.

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That's not Griffey's fault. And it's really not Wakamatsu's fault that players have not produced what they've proved capable of in the past.

It just is what it is. And Wakamatsu now gets stuck dealing with it.

And so, in a way, must Griffey. He's still driving his car across the country. Was already in Montana by mid-day yesterday, I'm told, but that still left him with many more miles to go before reaching Orlando, Fla. I'm sure, with all that spare time of looking at highway pass in front of him. he'll be doing quite a bit of thinking.

women griffeys

And hopefully, in a few days, he'll have this situation in complete and proper perspective and will give his fans a chance to say goodbye in person. This situation isn't anybody's fault. There just was no easy way out. There never is.

Heather Graham's a real sidesplitter in her daring blue dress at London premiere

She may be just shy of her fortieth birthday, but Heather Graham still knows how to turn heads.

The actress donned a daring blue dress to attend the London premiere of her new movie, The Hangover.

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Split to the thigh and cut away on one side, the gown clung to the 39-year-old's every curve as she posed for photographers.

She teamed the dress with gold strappy heels and a chunky gold bangle, and had her blonde hair falling around her shoulders in soft waves.

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Bandage Dress

Despite her sophisticated appearance, she wasn't afraid to risk a wardrobe malfunction as she let her male co-stars pick her up on the carpet.

They then attempted to lift the somewhat heavier Zach Galifiankis, with apparently much less ease.

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Heather stars as a stripper and a prostitute in The Hangover alongside Bradley Cooper, Mike Tyson, a lion and a chicken.

She plays a single mother mixed up with a bunch of bachelor partygoers who wake up in Las Vegas with no memory of the night before.

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Earlier this week, Heather wore another eye-catching outfit to the Dublin premiere of the comedy, which was a surprise smash at the US box office last weekend.

She made sure all eyes were on her in a strapless Herve Leger body-con dress with cut-outs which ran from her bustline to the very short hem of her dress.

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The actress stepped out in the thigh-skimming number on the red carpet, later moving on with castmates and her boyfriend, director Yaniv Raz, to the afterparty at the Odessa Club.

The Hangover is out in UK cinemas now.

Herve Leger Cap-Sleeve
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Now this is more like it. In a blockbuster season heavy with mediocrity, it was to be hoped at least one gem would sneak under the radar. And so it’s proved with Todd Phillips’s The Hangover, which is, put plainly, a very funny movie.

The premise is funny, the dialogue is funny, the actors are funny. And did I mention it’s funny?

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It opens with bad news for a bride, Tracy (Sasha Barrese), on her wedding day. Her fiancé Doug’s battered best friend Phil (Bradley Cooper) is standing in the desert just outside Las Vegas with three other guys, none of whom is Doug (Justin Bartha).

After a stag night of unabashed mayhem in Las Vegas they’ve only gone and lost him. There are just five hours before he’s due to get married back in Los Angeles. Phil advises her there’s very little chance that the -wedding will take place.

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Rewind now two days as we’re introduced to Doug and his buddies preparing for the stag do. As well as cynical Phil (a teacher who “borrows” his pupils’ money to fund the trip), Doug is to be accompanied by henpecked dentist Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis, a bravura performance that should soon see him as serious competition to Jack Black), Tracy’s pudgy, dysfunctional brother who’s prohibited from being within 200 yards of a school (why, we’re never told).

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Fast-forward back to the morning after the night before. Phil, Stu and Alan awake groggily to find their suite trashed, a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the closet. There’s no sign of Doug and no one can remember anything of the previous night. What the hell happened? And where the deuce is Doug? The next hour is taken up with answering those two questions.

The Hangover’s quality does dip slightly as the events of the previous night slowly unfold, but that’s probably inevitable; even the craziest stuff has a way of becoming less crazy and amusing as it’s explained. Suffice to say, involved in the carnage is an effeminate Far Eastern gangster who’s fond of humiliating oversized gentlemen, a stolen police car, a Taser demo in front of school kids, Jade, a sweet, gentle hooker (Heather Graham, hot as ever) and a bonkers cameo from Mike Tyson. Oh, and a never-explained chicken.

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This feels like a Judd Apatow movie for grown-ups: the humour’s often crass but there are wickedly sharp one-liners that ooze with surreality and sophistication. Word-of-mouth hit of the summer? I wouldn’t bet against it.

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively in 2011 film together first met when, from the second half of last year start madly in love.
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