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Dear R.E.M.,
I have discovered you very late (Reveal’s era), but my biggest regret in having lost the first two decades of your wonderful career is especially due to not having seen you live before. It’s hard to explain (especially with my poor English) how your songs have brought the light into my life, but nothing has ever managed to make me feel better than this magical combination between the music of Mike, Peter (and Bill) and Michael’s sensual and hot voice. Being a person who needs more listens for appreciating a song, I will never forget the strong euphoria that I’ve felt the first time that I’ve listened to Disguised. There is something therapeutic in your art. It’s due to you if I have known other bands and had new friendships, it is always thanks to you that I have discovered how much beautiful is going to concerts. When I saw you live I remained shocked: I have never seen in my life another frontman able to put together an overwhelming sensuality and an endless tenderness, able to make you contemporarily feel in subjection (with his piercing look) and in confidence (with his innocent, shy and childish smile), able to be forceful (the energy that emanates on the stage is huge) and delicate. In short, both “pup” both “animal” (in heat).
Maybe because I’ve been following you for just one decade, but I like your albums from the “post-Berry” period a lot too, particularly Up and Accelerate. I also like Around The Sun and I find that criticisms toward this album have been excessive: if on one side I shared that the production had ruined some great songs, from the other I didn’t find anything bad in choosing ballads instead of faster songs. So when started rumours that said that the successor of Around The Sun would have been a rock album, I feared that your choice was dictated more from the need to gratify fans and critics, rather than from real inspiration. These fears were fed above all by the fact that I liked much more Leaving New York and Boy In The Well than Animal and I’m Gonna DJ. Besides the Around The Sun songs resulted improved a lot when they were played during the Around The World Tour. In the meantime Radiohead were roadtesting the demos of their future In Rainbows, so I started to dream that you did the same too (also because I remembered how Final Straw and Make It All OK sounded much better in their 2003 demo versions).
Then there were the Working Rehearsals, so my dream has come completely true! Not only, in the two dates I was present (third and fourth ones) all my prejudices about the rock change of the Around The Sun’s successor collapsed as a castle of papers! It’s true that Accelerate is set in clean contrast to Around The Sun, but in my opinion you had intention to write rock songs already after Reveal, otherwise Around The Sun wouldn’t have been described as “primitive and howling” and fast songs like Animal, I’m Gonna DJ, Weatherman and Man-Sized Wreath wouldn’t have been born already in that period. Peter himself, while he was criticizing Around The Sun’s production, declared that he would have preferred that the album was acoustic rather than rock. After all, always in his opinion, there were “so many songs to fill 3 different albums”. Not only, despite Reveal is overproduced, Peter is still an estimator of it. Then why, unlike Up and Reveal, the production has not worked in Around The Sun? In my opinion more than a lack of inspiration, it was a lack of clear ideas about the STYLISTIC DIRECTION to follow, perhaps dictated by the desire to update again, but with the suspect that the greatest inspiration would have been returning to the past. Probably the rock turn of Accelerate found its origin in this confused context for then spontaneously evolving, waiting for new inspirations on uptempo songs. After all, if the electronic direction were maintained, there would have remained the risk of repetition on the tracks of Up and Reveal. Then return to the past has been the most correct choice, because by now it would have been really hard to update again after 13 albums, but, above all, because Around The Sun’s production instigated the urgent necessity to return to a more essential and spontaneous sound.
It was when I went to the Olympia Theatre that I understood that you didn’t want to make a rock album to gratify fans and critics, but because you had found the correct inspiration. In fact, despite Dublin’s setlists were the best of the world, the greatest surprise was realizing that emotions not only came from the fabulous rare gems of the past, but also from the unpublished songs, to the point that in the fourth night I shouted “it’s wonderful” at the end of Disguised. I wasn’t even the only one to think that of this way, since this song would have become the new first single!
With the Working Rehearsals you have succeeded in getting so many objectives (from the spontaneous sound of Accelerate to my dream’s realization) and it’s amazing that this has been your reaction toward all the criticisms to Around The Sun. I also believe that the spontaneity of Accelerate reflects perfectly in the lyrics too, which are very sincere and visceral even in the few ballads.
Then it was time for the Accelerate tour. Despite we Italians are very despised abroad because of berlusconi (whom I have NEVER voted!), you have been so kind to give us even 7 concerts (plus the promotional one at the “Rolling Stone”)! I will never forget that, at the same time with the whole rest. Once more you have succeeded in satisfying in full all of my expectations with a wonderful tour and the splendid relationship that every time you are able to establish with us fans. The choreography of Hollow Man in Milan has succeeded also for your worth, because you have decided to insert to the last moment that song that wasn’t scheduled in the setlist, but that was required by the fans. It’s a pity that such a magnificent tour isn’t witnessed by an official DVD or by a sequel of the “Hello” book. Having seen Michael ALWAYS smiling on stage, gives me the impression that he always wants to give all the best and that his reticence to tour is due more to the fear of not satisfying the fans’ expectations and to maintain such a beautiful memory in the live context too.
Then Collapse Into Now came, another return to the past like Accelerate, but so much different! What I didn’t understand (or what I DIDN’T WANT to understand) is how this album, so heterogeneous, is a concept based on the “farewell” theme. Reading the lyrics again, it’s impressive to understand how many signals were disseminated on the whole album, especially from All The Best and Blue. Of course the cover alone aroused suspicion (not only the wave, but also the common fonts between the title and the band’s name). To this point I wonder if Patti Smith put in closing is not a case (also the final strophes “Cinderella boy, you’ve lost your shoe / Cinderella boy, your coach awaits” they would seem to describe the escape of someone, due to expired time). I wonder if Jacknife Lee had the idea of the beautiful reprise to underline how this fantastic dream is initiated thanks to her and ended together with her to close a cycle. I wonder if Collapse Into Now itself is a reprise of your whole discography, since its return to the past seems oriented to many different periods of your career, giving an idea of (apparent?) heterogeneity as it was a greatest hits.
By the way, what really matter to me are all the emotions you have succeeded in giving me, also during difficult moments.
I realize that you have been special even in the painful moment of the farewell: wanting to leave a beautiful memory is the best way to be honest with yourself and therefore with fans too. Despite I still suffer for your breakup, I understand (alas only rationally) that you are right once more time. On September 21 I SAW THE LIGHT FADING OUT, but it will always remain turned on in my heart.
So Michael, Mike, Peter, I will be eternally grateful for all the emotions that you have given to me and to my mother (who has always been close to me in front row at concerts, despite her age).
A super-special thank-you to Bill Berry too, not only for his fundamental contribution (I regret to have never seen him live with you), but also because he required you to not disband after his departure in 1997.
A great hug to all of you.
With LUV,

Valentina (Queen of Comedy)


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