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This is really what i want [To Tell You!!]

Being very concerned about what's happening to our world, Fall On Me ain't nothing but a great representative for me for R.E.M.'s great efforts to change the world, right from the beginning of their awesome career. Thank you, Bill, Peter, Mike and Michael for all your courage to point out this planet's problems and for your dedication to raise your voices, that have definitely made others follow you!!
When I first listened to "We All Go Back To Where We Belong" I couldn't keep from crying, though stereotyps would have kept me more than away from that, being a man ;) You guys have influenced and changed my life right after I've listened to my first album of you, someday in 2003. Your songs have pulled me up, made me bounce back when I felt down, had lost one of those magic and terrific fights growing-ups have to face in their challenged lifes, made me feel even happier when I had won - in any situation, you, REM, have followed me day by day.
When I got the news that you've called it a day, I simply felt nothing, just had to grab a paper and write a letter to fan club director and my friend David Bell immediately, just to thank you for what you've done and to tell you once again, what you STILL MEAN TO ME!!! But it will be terribly hard to accept, that I'll never have the chance to meet you, to go to one of your concerts... The day I was looonging to grab for the last decade will never come. As I've told David, it's like knowing that a really good friend of you has moved millions of miles away from you and has left you with the feeling you'll never ever meet again.
@ the people at REMhq: please keep this website alive!
Being an author it's hard for me, not to write a novel about the band that made me stand my ground! The draft for the scene that includes you in one of my upcoming books is already kept in my chest, we'll see what you decide!!
Once again, thank you for your great music, thanks for your brilliant "We All Go Back To Where We Belong", one couldn't wave Goodbye in a more emotional and moving way...
Nevertheless, keep up your great points of view, don't give up your actions, your activism, your courage to make people stand up for the right dicisions (President Obama may need your support in 2012 again!!) keep on listening to your veryown songs, and be sure, that there's someone waiting for you out there to wave at you at at least one reunited-concert!


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