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Pretty Persuasion

I first saw R.E.M in June 1985 supporting U2 at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the UK. It probably won't go down as one of their finest hours but the show was billed as "The Longest Day" - it felt like it. It rained non stop on Midsummer's Day, I remember the Ramones starting every song with 1,2,3 4 before a crescendo of guitars hit and I couldn't wait for Bono and the boys to appear. R.E.M were pretty dreary to be honest and being near the front I remember ducking from missiles being thrown from the crowd. Then they played Pretty Persuasion, I loved it, I had to buy it and my 26 year relationship with R.E.M began at that moment. In 1985 I was a young man without a care in the world, I've grown up with the band and now with 3 kids, two approaching 20 I remember playing "Everybody Hurts" to my eldest lad when he was going through a real hard time and noticing what an impact the words had on him. It could have been the end of his world as he knew it but he realised that every day was his to win. I believe that the greatest gift you can give another human is to "touch" them with your words and actions. R.E.M did that to me and my family. Started to love them, probably mid set on 22nd June 1985(?), still love them today. Thank you and goodnight.


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