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Here's a little agit for the never-believer

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Here's a little story from one of R.E.M. shows when the band made it into an unforgettable night for myself and my two friends.
7th September, 2003. R.E.M. are the headliner of the Street Scene Festival in San Diego. I'm in first row, holding a small sign made during the afternoon, that reads "I believe in REM From Italy".
Mills is the first to notice my sign when we walks up on stage, partially thanks to the sunlight. He looks surprised but amused and he smiles back.
Towards the middle of the show Peter Buck, who noticed my sign as well at some point, murmurs something in Michael's ear, possibly about some Italian guys standing in the front row. Then Michael speaks:
"Yes I know..." he looks towards Mills, who's been knowing since the beginning, "There are some Italian guys here. They came all the way from Italy to hear us tonite in San Diego and of course we got for them a place in the front row. Who are...? You three! You're not understanding a word of what I'm saying, are you?”
We nod, assuring we understand every word.
"Yeah I know, just kidding. By now you should know that I can’t speak Italian. But Mike Mills speaks Italian very well." Mills tries going into hiding, Stipe insists "C'mon Mike!" Mills then approaches the microphone and says "Buonanotte" three times in perfect Italian.
So they play Driver 8, Orange crush, I believe all in a row. I had been waiting for the moment of hearing those three songs live for ten years. The performance of Orange Crush is simply amazing. Michael keeps shouting in the megaphone “1-2-3-4”. Before going into I believe Michael emphasizes "This was also an Italian request. We play this song without leaving room for me to breathe so you guys have to carry me on this least you Italian guys!"
This little personal exchange from the stage made us part of history, a moment we could never forget.


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