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Interesting Details Of West Highland White Terrier

Vital Information About West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland Terrier came from the breed of Cairn terrier. It's often nicknamed Westy or Westie. Throughout the early decades of their existence, Westies are commonly subject for detonation. This is the tragic reality that the late West Highland Terriers experienced in the past. It was the breeder named Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm of Poltalloch who identified first the white coat’s potential to become a dog breed after being taken wrongly as victim during their fox hunting. He had bred them for their white coats and also for the previous several years they were being known as the Poltalloch Terriers.
It began in Scotland where the breeds of the Scottish, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Skye, White West Highland Terrier were recognized. They hunt foxes, badgers, vermin, otters and various tiny preys. Terriers’ characteristics and temperament were improved to become dynamic tiny dog.

west highland white terrier ( - ) has a tight and small-scale physique. Its short legs could make them squirm and run in the underbrush where they can usually find their victim. They've got double coats with rough hairs that allow them to be free from grime and any particles and not to mention, their undercoat is thick yet soft.

Just as the other breeds of dogs of terrier family, this breed is highly mental. They usually want to go after other creatures. Their bark signals that they are following anything or somebody. West Highland White Terrier Westie was bred and taught to be more belligerent so the much harder the prey will try to escape. Also, dogs of this breed are excellent diggers. They are very outgoing and like to play around throughout the day. They wished to be busy constantly though they just have a fair exercise routine. They want to keep themselves busy either by woofing, burrowing or chewing anything. Thus, it's not advisable to leave your Westie at your home unattended. To ensure that they will not litter around, give them their own play area both out-of-doors and indoors.

Today, modern West Highland White Terrier are fierce and sturdy. Nevertheless, they could be very hospitable and loyal to the one who owns them. The features that they get from their forefathers are still inside them. They have average love to bark, love to chase and burrow, and are probably aggressive while they are on a tough play. They require rigid and steady discipline since they are a little bit persistent at times. These dogs are extremely versatile in a manner that they can be your working dog, watch dog and also show dog. They're regarded as loving, loyal and could be your very good buddy. Therefore, West Highland White Terrier is a pet that is ideal for all kinds of households.


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