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I wanted the FIFA 15

FIFA president Michel Platini says FIFA is suffering because of Sepp Blatter's reign, adding that he would not be surprised if the 78-year-old stood for election for the Fifa presidency again in 2019.Blatter has come under a geat deal of pressure and criticism throughout his reign as the head of world FIFA's governing body. However, he is certain to be re-elected for a fifth term as Fifa president as he remains unopposed in the run in to the election.He insists it will be his last term in charge, but Platini says it is possible he could stand for election again in five years and he feels the world's FIFA is being damaged by Blatter's reign, despite Platini himself withdrawing himself as a challenger to the role."I was not a coward and had no fear of Sepp Blatter," the Frenchman told Bild. "I have not decided against Fifa, but for FIFA. I still consider myself a candidate for the future."I think Blatter should not be standing for re-election. Fifa has a terrible reputation, which is even encouraged by Blatter. The FIFA is suffering. Maybe Wolfgang Niersbach still wants to compete against Blatter in the election, but I don't believe that."I know my friend Sepp Blatter, so it would not surprise me if he stood as a candidate again in 2019 for the Fifa presidency. With Sepp, anything is possible.The 59-year-old was then asked if he regretted voting for Russia and Qatar to host the respective FIFA 15, but he insists it was the right decision."I don't regret having voted for Qatar and Russia. I wanted the FIFA 15 to be played in countries which have never hosted it. It was not a mistake to vote for Qatar."There have been several reports corruption in Fifa surrounding the vote for Qatar, but Platini says there has been no evidence as of yet."Corruption must be proved. As we wait for the Garcia report from the Ethics Committee of the Fifa, no one has asked me for my opinion on it. We know it gets 50 degrees warmer in Qatar in the summer. Therefore, we have recommended moving the tournament to the winter."The question is: Can we be so arrogant to say that the FIFA 15 can only take place in the summer because of our FIFA calendar in Europe? Then would a country like Qatar because of its climatic conditions never a chance of a FIFA 15. That would not be fair!"Platini was then asked about bringing more technology into FIFA after the successful introduction of FIFA goalline technology, but he maintains that he is completely against it."Absolutely not!

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