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Approaches to Fix Windows 7 is not Genuine

There are a whole lot of deceptive companies currently that are manufacturing or offering counterfeit products. For this reason, you will suspect everything that is around you and that includes Windows 7 whether it is real or not. If your Operating System (OS) will suddenly show a big notification stating “This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine, go online and resolve it now”, then there’s no doubt that your Windows 7 is non-genuine.

This will also occur if you have downloaded a Microsoft update in your computer system. You have utilized genuine copy of Windows but you have encountered this sort of inconvenience; listed below are some methods making you resolve this.

Activating your valid license key is the first thing that you must do. Commonly, the problem arises if you are already making use of your Windows 7 without activating this key. As a solution, you need to restore the settings of your pc with an earlier time so that your Operating System will return to its normal function.

Click on the start button in the task bar to recover it. You just type in the search bar the word ‘restore’ and click continue when you have typed the admin password. Next is selecting a certain restore point button and set your preferred time to your personal computer to have it recovered. Afterwards, you should verify the changes you've made and restart your pc when you completed the process.

If you cannot view the message “This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine, go online and resolve it now” in your pc screen right after you restart it, then it'll be working well. Even so, if you still see the message shows up on your monitor, there might be another issue. This can be due to the expiration of your Windows 7 trial period. Learning some of the methods that can totally disappear the error message is important so that you'll no longer purchase the real version.

The very first thing you should do is to search for the CMD on the start menu. If CMD have been clicked on, select “run as administrator” is the next thing to do, then a prompt that a box will appear comes after. Just key in “SLMGR - REARM” in the command box. When you have done that process, just press enter then wait for few minutes. Your pc displays a message verifying that the command is successfully done, then click on OK and restart your personal computer. At this time, tthere shouldn't be computer error that will occur.

In case the messages "windows 7 not genuine ( - )" are still displayed, then your Windows is probably experiencing another problem. Further analysis regarding the issue could help you resolve this matter. It would be beneficial if you research concerning this error online. In fact, you can even check the customer service of Microsoft on their official website. Conversely, you must take it as a sign that maybe the Windows 7 you've purchased is not genuine, so ensure you have it checked.


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