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Posted on Jan 15 at 10:56 AM by Anonymous

This was a hard choice for me as Fall on me was the first track I heard which has given me a lifetime of great music and definately the soundtrack to my life but Nightswimming is the song that always comes first out of my mouth when talking of songs that I love. The only thing that guts me is I will never see it sung live now as every time I saw REM this was not one of the tracks.

Posted on Jan 08 at 4:01 AM by Anonymous

ITEOTWAWKI was the first REM song I ever heard -watching the music video on Countdown 28 years ago and thinking WOW! It's now the ringtone for my phone.
You are the everything was the next amazing song for me especially live during their Green tour, followed closely by Find the River and Nightswimming from AFTP. I worked backwards through the catalogue to Murmur and realised these guys were truly an amazing phenomena. Even post Berry albums truly brilliant, a special favourite being Reveal.
Thanks for writing the soundtrack to my life REM; you are the everything!

Posted on Jan 02 at 11:26 PM by Anonymous

R.E.M. has been a constant in my life since age 14. A boy that I was infatuated with told me of his love for "Out of Time". The infatuation with the boy soon passed but the love for the band remained. The music stayed with me and provided a soundtrack to my life with different songs evoking different cities, relationships, seasons and feelings. I met a man who loves R.E.M. almost as much as I do and when I walked down the aisle to become his wife, I did it to "At My Most Beautiful". That music will always be tied to the image of my husband's sweet smile as he saw me coming towards him.

Posted on Dec 31 at 1:22 AM by Anonymous

Although I'd argue that "We All Go Back..." is the most well-written of the 3 new songs, "Saturdays" makes me smile the most. Even after three decades, this band was still making goofy, fun, quick songs. After all the super-serious and brooding records, all the fame and hits and acclaim and influence, one of the last songs would've fit right in on Dead Letter Office. They never lost that side of them, and that's the greatest thing.