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Posted on Nov 16 at 1:16 AM by Anonymous

I'm a news anchor by trade.
Mea culpa.
Small Weather.
Heard this for the first time when my daughter was in a high chair eating Cheerios.
She sang "don't take a picture."
Oh my heart.

Posted on Nov 16 at 1:07 AM by Anonymous

I know a lot of people have looked retroactively at the lyric "It's just like me to overstay my welcome. Bless." as the signal that we'd gotten our last album.

Makes complete sense.

For me, the cue came when I heard Alligator for the first time.

No lyrical cues. No really obvious discernable signal at all. I heard it. Loved it. Was energized by it and then, after hearing for the first time, thought:

"Wow. That's the capstone. They did it. Good for them."

It had everything: Motive. Bang and jangle and wail. Puzzles. Sneer. Love. Shouting. Call-to-action. Peaches.

Posted on Nov 16 at 1:04 AM by Anonymous

It was 1994 and I was in the midst of the best concert I've ever been to. The opening act was an awesome band called Belly. 100% underrated. Search for the song "Super Connected" if you want to find out. They were followed by Oasis. That was before Wonderwall, mind you. Fantastic. Followed by the Cranberries who at the time were more popular than Oasis. Yeah, I know. And then, finally, REM. My first time seeing them. The first tour in forever. They cancelled the concert in Frankfurt due to Bill's aneurism. I saw them in Duren, close to Cologne, Germany. It was an open air concert by a lake.

Posted on Nov 16 at 12:47 AM by Anonymous

I wrote the lyrics to this song on a t-shirt I wore in high school (at least as I understood them) the year Document was released.

I danced to this song with my wife at my wedding.

We danced to it again when she was carrying our son and we saw the boys in Pittsburgh a few years ago.

I'm pretty certain that the boy in the video holds up a framed map of my home state of West Virginia, which I always took (back then and now) that these guys had my back.

Even now, nearly 40 years old, it has a cleansing, cathartic and curative property on me. It triggers some sort of hidden gland in my brain and re-rails me.

Thanks, dudes.