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Posted on Nov 16 at 12:54 PM by Anonymous

Green was the very first CD that I ever bought. I was 17 years old, and it was thrilling to participate in the transition from cassettes & records to something that was actually played by laser! And I can testify that the promised longevity of the medium was perfectly accurate. I still have it, still play it from time to time, and had I bought it on the older mediums, it would have been quickly worn out because it played for hours on end, day after day, for months. "World Leader Pretend" was my favorite song on the album, but "Orange Crush" was a close second.

Posted on Nov 16 at 11:55 AM by Anonymous

"Nightswimming" may be the most evocative song R.E.M. has ever written (with "You Are the Everything" as a close second). I grew up in the southern United States, and I too have memories of hanging out with friends during those long, warm summer nights.
The lyrics of "Nightswimming" describe a time and place in such exact detail that I can clearly visualize everything Michael writes about -- as vivid as the "photograph on the dashboard."
And what an amazing poetic image he creates with these words: "September's coming soon/ I'm pining for the moon/ And what if there were two, side by side in

Posted on Nov 16 at 6:51 AM by Anonymous

"Country Feedback" was the first song of R.E.M. I've learned to play on my guitar when I was about 19. It's simple, beautiful, perfect song.

Posted on Nov 16 at 5:58 AM by Anonymous

Has anybody noticed the three distinct eras of REM.

1. IRS - 5 Albums

2. Warner with Bill - 5 Albums

3. Without Bill - 5 Albums

I remember there being a thing about the number 5 being printed on Document, then a 4 on Green, and a supposed countdown to the end of R.E.M.

Has this finally been proven, or are we all just too obsessed with conspiracy theories!!??!!