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Posted on Nov 17 at 4:30 PM by Anonymous

I first heard Country Feedback listening to the perfect square gig a few years ago. It instantly became my favourite song. I think Peter's solo in that song was the reason that I started playing guitar. Such emotion, passion and feeling was poured into that performance - it makes me emotional just thinking about it.

Here us a link to the song:

Watch it!

Posted on Nov 17 at 3:00 PM by Anonymous

I went to see REM so many times, but only saw them perform Nightswimming once. It's my favourite, favourite REM song. It's as though Michael has described my own memories. It also reminds me of my brother Nick as we always went to see them together...sadly we missed the last opportunity in the UK as we both had recently had babies. My favourite of all the gigs we went to together was a tiny one in Hammersmith, London. Only 3,000 people in the crowd and we got so close to the stage...

Nick will probably post about So.Central Rain once I've sent him to this site ...but for me it's Nightswimming

Posted on Nov 16 at 11:49 PM by Anonymous

there's so much to love in the 'collapse into now' album, (it's terrific, but runs the risk of being under-rated owing to being somewhat eclipsed by the band's breakup) and i don't think that one need be a new orleanian to be touched by this particular song, but being one, i am... very much.
it is a lovely, *felt* song which only increases my respect and affection for R.E.M. - for their art, their musicianship, their humanity. thanks, guys, for all the years i enjoyed growing up with you, and a special thank you for what feels like a musical clasp of the hand.

Posted on Nov 16 at 3:24 PM by Anonymous

I love how fun this song is. R.E.M. breaking up was a very sad day for me, probably the strongest emotional reaction I have ever had to the actions of band. This song lightens the mood nicely!

I will miss getting new R.E.M. albums, but will treasure every one that I have. Especially Lifes Rich Pageant.