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Posted on Nov 19 at 10:09 AM by Anonymous

There was no tour for Out Of Time or Automatic For The People. At the time, I was still very content with the older material and like most fans thought both records were great, but not "Reckoning" or "LRP". I still feel the same way about OOT and AFTP, but Country Feedback is my favorite song, especially live. Since it's release, the song has been played live on every tour. This song benefited from not having the tour when it was released. I feel like it was absorbed by the band for the 5 years until the Monster Tour in '95. This absorption shows when played live.

Posted on Nov 17 at 9:31 PM by Anonymous

It's fitting that the last R.E.M. song is so powerful, evocative, and beautiful. I don't follow any other bands, so I will miss never getting a new R.E.M. album. Thanks for the soundtrack to my life, and for this most beautiful goodbye.

"The air was calm..."

Posted on Nov 17 at 6:30 PM by Anonymous

Every time I think I've had a bad day, I listen to this song, and smile.

Posted on Nov 17 at 6:28 PM by Anonymous

I listen to this song pretty much everyday when I drive to Uni, and its there to remind me, no matter how mundane life is now, I know what I'm aiming for, it could be worth it. Thanks, to all of R.E.M., you've been there when its tough, and you've been there when its been good. With the legacy you've left, you'll be there in the future too.