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Posted on Nov 27 at 1:05 PM by Anonymous

Dear R.E.M.,
I have discovered you very late (Reveal’s era), but my biggest regret in having lost the first two decades of your wonderful career is especially due to not having seen you live before. It’s hard to explain (especially with my poor English) how your songs have brought the light into my life, but nothing has ever managed to make me feel better than this magical combination between the music of Mike, Peter (and Bill) and Michael’s sensual and hot voice.

Posted on Nov 26 at 11:53 PM by Anonymous

this is a song of *huge* contrasts - the 'joyful noise' with the lyrics that bite, and rightfully. such toe-tapping, dance-able music with a message that makes you want to cry. when obama was elected, that was my 'now! take the picture now!' moment. but we aren't really ready yet for our portrait to be taken, are we? no... not quite. i love this song.. seduced by the engaging music, nodding grimly at the all-too-true lyrics and awaiting the next election with my heart in my throat..

Posted on Nov 25 at 4:38 AM by Anonymous

Every morning when I took the kids to kindergarten and get back to my desk I take out a couple of CDs I would listen to while working, then – after a short hesitation – I pull out “Part lies…”, throw it in the CD-player (where I usually find some Pearl Jam/the National/Sportfreunde Stiller that my husband sneaked in when he came home last night), turn on “Hallelujah” and swear to myself that I would NOT hit the repeat button this time. As soon as the last “Hallelujah” is sung I turn around and hit repeat… and again and again.

Posted on Nov 23 at 2:10 PM by Anonymous

i can't forget when i listened to this song for the first time.....this song pushed me in your world...the same world i made mine...the world where i lived and the world where i still living...i don't want it as a dream...i will live my dream in my my R.E.M. world.
i will miss you forever. i'm sad, so sad and sometimes i cry. i'm very proud to be an R.E.M. fan. thanks for this beautiful soundtrack you give me for my life...i loved you, i love you now and i will love you..