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Posted on Dec 07 at 12:49 AM by Anonymous

i never got to see R.E.M. in concert, so this album (and of course, the retrospective, 'part lies' etc) have an extra poignancy to me, as they represent the line drawn in the sand which means my chances for doing so are forever lost. but listening to 'uberlin' - and all of 'collapse into now', which i have been doing for several days, my regrets are overshadowed by the pure pleasure of hearing r.e.m. on top form.
r.e.m. have never been boring. like all bands, some albums are rated higher, some lower, but i find things to love in all of the albums.

Posted on Dec 03 at 11:36 PM by Anonymous

I was already very fond of the song but perhaps I wasn't quite ready to really hear it until a very difficult year in which I finally came out to myself, my family, and my friends. I began hearing this song in a whole new way and though I love all of REM's work this is the song that I put on when I'm feeling contemplative and want to think about the meaning of my life and my place in the world. I've often wondered what Michael S was thinking when he wrote it.

Posted on Nov 30 at 12:37 PM by Anonymous

I loved Man on the Moon the first time I heard it. I was 13, just getting into music and went out to buy the album on CD; even though I didn't yet have a CD player I knew I wanted the album on a better quality medium than cassette! The album quickly became, and still is my favourite album ever - I think it's so beautiful and totally unique from start to finish. Next album I bought was Out of Time, which sealed my love for REM and so began a teenage obsession.


Here's a little story from one of R.E.M. shows when the band made it into an unforgettable night for myself and my two friends.
7th September, 2003. R.E.M. are the headliner of the Street Scene Festival in San Diego. I'm in first row, holding a small sign made during the afternoon, that reads "I believe in REM From Italy".
Mills is the first to notice my sign when we walks up on stage, partially thanks to the sunlight. He looks surprised but amused and he smiles back.
Towards the middle of the show Peter Buck, who noticed my sign as well at some point, murmurs something in Michael's ear,