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Posted on Dec 24 at 10:08 PM by Anonymous

i think because there is something about growing up in this song - about the loving support of someone, about how life becomes something else as we grow up, especially when that loving support is there.. because there is something of christmas in all of that ( the crass consumerism aside.. far, far aside!) ..from the kid who believes in santa to the adult who becomes the loving supporter.there's a 'coming of age' or 'rite of passage' aspect to this song and that exists in christmas, too.

Posted on Dec 17 at 6:27 AM by Anonymous

I love everything about this song. The tune, lyrics, Michael's voice, how the instruments sound...everything. So beautiful. For an inexplicable reason this song takes me somewhere I feel nostalgic about, somewhere that feels like my spiritual home.
Yet basically that's how I feel about the band's music. It helped me through the hardest years of my life; I can't imagine how I would have gone through the times without their albums. And their music taught me, though I'm not a musician, what it is to create something. Thanks a lot, R.E.M!

Posted on Dec 11 at 8:29 AM by Anonymous

This song makes me happy no matter how depressed I am. It always works.
If the song alone doesn't help i try to sing the lyrics as quick as Michael and that makes me laugh cause I only make it through the first verse and chorus ;)
Thanks guys for such a brilliant good-mood-making-song

Posted on Dec 11 at 8:15 AM by Anonymous

Shiny Happy People was the first song I ever heard from R.E.M. and it was my guide on my journey to good music.
I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the back of the car while my parents had a deep conversation in the front. I couldn't hear a lot of the music coming out of the radio but when this song came on I put my head as near to the speakers as I could.
It touched my heart and my soul. And from this moment on I knew that's the kind of music I wanna listen to for the rest of my life and I still do.