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Posted on Jul 27 at 6:58 AM by Anonymous

Is there no admin of this site to delete the crappy spam? this site is supposed to be a tribute to R.E.M. and not serve as an advertisment.

Posted on May 07 at 6:54 AM by Anonymous

I started recognizing R.E.M. when Automatic For The People got into my hands (which was 2001 and 14 years old me). Even though the album had been released much earlier, I loved it and used to listen to it every night and day all the time. At that time I was on a dormitory high school and my roommates got addicted to it just as I did.
Just like for every fan of R.E.M. it is impossible for me to choose the BEST song or album they had made during their career. It always depends on my mood and all the circumstancies which album I choose.

Posted on Feb 05 at 1:31 AM by Anonymous

so - Stipe has cited an article which says in its headline that 'everbody hurts' was voted "the most depressing song of all time". (in the body of the article, they say "saddest song", which isn't the same as depressing, and that isn't really right either). the song is about emotional pain, so it's a somber subject and poignantly performed, but what it's *really* about is that pain is transient, and can be borne and survived, and if that isn't hopeful, i don't know what is. :)
it's the sort of song people may cling to when they are sad / depressed, but that doesn't mean it's a depressing

Posted on Jan 29 at 3:33 PM by Anonymous

I've been a fan since first hearing Radio Free.....but Fables and Document will always be my favorite albums--- Driver 8 being my favorite song (if I had to narrow it down). I, like so many of you, had the cassette versions of these that ended up stretched and destroyed only to be replace later by CDs. All those song over all those years through all those times - both wonderful and miserable. REM has been such a part of my life even to today. Thank you Gentlemen for your contributions to my world.