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Posted on Nov 02 at 7:44 PM by Anonymous

Fall on me is the very first song I heard, since then never stopped playing your music, it has touched my heart over the years and will be with me forever and ever!
Thank you for writing such beautiful lines and melodies, thank you for shouting our anger and whispering our cravings, thank you for stimulating our consciousness, thank you for delicate incisive mind, thank for loving music, arts, animals, trees, humans and the earth...just simply thank you!

Posted on Nov 02 at 7:25 PM by Anonymous
Posted on Nov 02 at 7:18 PM by Anonymous

this song has been my ring tone the last five or six years! and it will still be for the next five or six years, at least:)

Posted on Nov 02 at 7:16 PM by Anonymous

On the 21st September 2011, REM announced that they would be going their separate ways. Coming so soon after the release of their 15th studio album, this announcement left me distraught and grieving.

As REM would say, perhaps we should begin the begin. At 33 years old, REM have been around since I took my first step and could say my first word.