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Posted on Nov 03 at 7:03 PM by Anonymous

On July 10th, 1984, a month out of high school, I met Peter Buck at club in Detroit after a show in Royal Oak. Based on a mutual love of books and authors, we became friends, and for the next five years I hung out with REM all over the country, as I pursued a life of political activism that was encouraged by the band members. In high school, I was an outsider; growing up, I felt apart and rejected by the community in which I was raised.

Posted on Nov 03 at 6:53 PM by Anonymous

This song is the only reason why i've decided to buy a mandolin.

Posted on Nov 03 at 6:29 PM by Anonymous

Started listening to you back in 1984 when a fantastic new wave radio station started in my area. They had hardly any commercials and played extended versions of songs. Your earlier songs remind me of that radio station and the great times I had listening to it.


My favorite song of all time. Nuff said?