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Now what does that mean?
For a long long time now, it has meant so much to me. Not only does it represent one of my favourite songs ever, 9-9, but R.E.M. as the first band that really meant something in my life.

Listening to this wonderful band was the first step I as a kid took towards alternative music in general, so of course I will always greatly appreciate them in those terms. But they have marked so much more. Theirs were the words and tunes I constantly kept in my head growing up, going through numerous changes and difficulties.

Posted on Nov 03 at 7:08 PM by Anonymous

I was 12 years old stuck at summer camp with kids I couldn't stand (add to that I was not a camp person -- Mom thought I was).

I wandered away from one of the craft activities to sit near the counselors where they were playing what I later learned was college radio. In the middle of the music, I heard Fall on Me for the first time. It was the first time I heard something so different (and better). At that moment, music changed me forever...and for the best.

Thank you guys.

Posted on Nov 03 at 7:03 PM by Anonymous

On July 10th, 1984, a month out of high school, I met Peter Buck at club in Detroit after a show in Royal Oak. Based on a mutual love of books and authors, we became friends, and for the next five years I hung out with REM all over the country, as I pursued a life of political activism that was encouraged by the band members. In high school, I was an outsider; growing up, I felt apart and rejected by the community in which I was raised.

Posted on Nov 03 at 6:53 PM by Anonymous

This song is the only reason why i've decided to buy a mandolin.