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Posted on Nov 09 at 11:52 AM by Anonymous

Gauche teenagers,
North East England,
Find solace comes from Athens GA.
Bid to create self expression
every Wednesday, after school.
Tape recorder
backwards forwards
listen again
Murky vocals
deep in hissing
clunking buzzing

So, every Wednesay in the mid to late 1980s we would have a "band rehearsal", me coming along late after orchestra practice, Jon Telfer, Mark Thirkettle, Graham Smith thrashing out our REM-alikes, trying to decipher lyrics on an old casette recorder.

Posted on Nov 09 at 10:43 AM by Anonymous

I met the love of my life in Cape Town in January 1999, and this was the first song I spoke to her about, the lyrics are just beautiful. We requested it online when REM played Brixton Academy in London a few years later - and they played it! Very special.

Posted on Nov 09 at 6:21 AM by Anonymous

My girlfriend (now wife) and I were on the Greek island of Corfu in the early 90's, renting a room in a house. We had our breakfasts on a delightful small patio there. But in a room on the first floor with a window facing the patio, a boy was clearly very sad, and he played Losing My Religion constantly, singing along (a bit out of tune). At the time I didn't know about R.E.M. so when I heard the song on the radio when I came home and learned the origins, I bought the album and my wife and I were hooked! Thanks for all the good times, Mike, Bill, Peter and Michael!

Posted on Nov 09 at 12:57 AM by Anonymous

Reckoning deserves recognition! I've had this album, cassette, or CD on endless repeat numerous times throughout its life. I have a hard time finding a flaw. From the cover art work, Mr. Finster, the whirligigs video, L and R, Voice of Harold is a riot, and all the other nuances I've seen and heard, this album represents my first REM epiphany. Don’t forget about the live version of Time after Time/Red Rain/So Central Rain (Holland, 1987), this simply rocks! The first Letterman show, a very shy Mr. Stipe and Co. performs a song to new to be named.