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Posted on Nov 02 at 9:24 PM by Anonymous

1999, Hannover, Germany. My first time I ever saw R.E.M. live. They play one of my favorites. "Fall on me". And when Mike Mills performs his solo "So if I send it to you, you've got to promise to keep it whole", our eyes meet, and he smiles because I'm singing along with his lines.

Posted on Nov 02 at 8:21 PM by Anonymous

My brother just sent me the info for this site and strongly suggested I talk about my love for this song, and for the album from whence it came, Lifes Rich Pagent. I was my last year of high school, and in Toronto, we could only apply to 3 universities. Most folks ended up going to the University of Toronto, which beside being one of the countries best schools, was also an enormous holding pen of English-Canada's future elite.

Posted on Nov 02 at 8:06 PM by Anonymous

'Document' was given to me (in cassette form) as a birthday present by a bunch of people I'd only met a few weeks previously. We had been thrown together on the same corridor of a student residence hall (dorm for US folk). The wee parcel also included 10,000 Maniacs' 'In My Tribe'. I had heard both bands, but hadn't 'listened' properly to either. The gift-givers were similarly clueless (I never got clear why they picked those two albums). I've lost contact with all those people, but I owe them my introduction to what is now a significant proportion of my most beloved music.

Posted on Nov 02 at 8:01 PM by Anonymous

Fall On Me is a song that has never aged. It is so many things to me. Like most great songs (art) it is heartbreak, madness, beauty, naivete, etc. Not unlike myself. This song stands out like a beacon in a sea of mediocrity that was the mid to late 80s.