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Posted on Nov 08 at 10:15 AM by Anonymous

I made my acquaintance with R.E.M. pre-Losing My Religion period through a wonderful, unofficial collection released by IRS called "The Best of R.E.M.", which a high-school mate copied for me on cassette. It was the year 2000 and I was just about to turn 18. That summer I went on holiday on the Venetian seaside with my friends, the first holiday of my life without my parents. "Fall On Me" was mesmerizing for me. Never did I hear something that intense, soaring and epic.

Posted on Nov 08 at 6:33 AM by Anonymous

I remember reading about the band around the time that "Chronic town" was released, but never saw the record. Then, by chance I was in a small record store, looking for a new tape because I had my Walkman, and I found "Murmur" by R.E.M-I was instantly struck by the band- It wasn't punk rock, it wasn't a sixties revival band, it seemed to have so many influences but also they had such a strong identity & sound!
First time I saw them perform was at the Warfield theatre in San Francisco on my 21st birthday in 1984, Michael on crutches, the band charged through songs from "Reckoning" & "Murmur",

Posted on Nov 08 at 4:17 AM by Anonymous

Hallellujah is a song that will be remembered long after the band have finally finished. Moody, Eerie with a Radiohead-esq drumbeat the song builds into a triumphant finale with Mills soaring backing vocals lifting you to another place. The song for me stands up alongside many of the bands classic backlog with sounds that could have come from New Adventures and Collapse Into Now. If this is going to be the last R.E.M. song we are going to hear it has been well worth the 32 year wait.

Hallellujah for R.E.M.


Posted on Nov 08 at 2:32 AM by Anonymous

My first fall in love with REM