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  • Posted on Nov 04 at 10:25 am by elisapregnolato

    Ricordo ancora la prima volta che ascoltai "Losing my religion" e la prima volta che vidi il video ...
    i R.E.M., la loro musica, la voce di Michael mi rapirono per sempre.
    Sono ciò che sono grazie anche a loro, presenti nella mia vita da vent'anni, e ne faranno parte per sempre.
    Ho coronato il sogno di incontrare Stipe questa estate a Venezia, ed ho avuto la fortuna grazie alla mia famiglia di vederli più volte in concerto, sono triste che abbiano smesso di creare musica, ma immensamente grata per ciò che mi hanno donato.

  • Posted on Nov 04 at 7:36 am by TomLucas
    Fall on Me

    It was early 1990 and they had a buy one get one half price deal on cassettes in my local record store - I chose 'Cosmic Thing' by the B52's (because i liked 'Love Shack'), and randomly 'Lifes Rich Pageant' by R.E.M, unknowing of their Athens connection and future collaboration which was just around the corner. Both albums were played to exhaustion, particularly 'Lifes Rich Pageant' and 'Fall On Me'. I was 13, and from then on R.E.M became intertwined in my life as with so many other R.E.M fans. Thanks.

  • Posted on Nov 04 at 12:23 am by SallyCinnamon
    Fall on Me

    In 1984 I was 14 years old and I had a huge crush on a certain boy. I finally had the courage to call him one night, and it turned out we had a good time talking but even better he spent the better part of the night playing records for me over the phone...R.E.M records! I was in love! With the boy and even better the band that became one of my all time favorites and still is!

  • Posted on Nov 03 at 11:09 pm by lilyaxdx
    Fall on Me

    Now what does that mean?
    For a long long time now, it has meant so much to me. Not only does it represent one of my favourite songs ever, 9-9, but R.E.M. as the first band that really meant something in my life.