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  • Posted on Nov 08 at 9:59 pm by mnaka

    Lying down on the carpet in living room, the tv was on and Losing My Religion began. I liked the video, but that time I was tired, I felt a sleep and I just listened. And nearly at the end of the song I woke up with a thought: „it's sooooo beautiful song and voice“
    The next weekend I bought a tape. I didn’t know anything about the band and I didn’t even know the name of the record. I came back home with Automatic For The People. There wasn‘t the song I wanted but at first listen I loved it all !!

  • Posted on Nov 08 at 3:49 pm by d8057

    Can you hear me? This was always the song for me. Waste of time sitting still? Too right. Loved it in the 80s. Fast Forward to the rearranged Hyde Park gig in 2005. Peter Buck speaks. Out for a walk, a man stopped him and asked him to play a song. So this is for the walker. That familiar riff rings out. Twenty years fall away as a large park in London brings back memories of a cold theatre in Liverpool. I can hear. Mike, Michael, Bill and Peter thanks for a lifetime of music.

  • Posted on Nov 08 at 3:15 pm by marco ettore
    Fall on Me

    I made my acquaintance with R.E.M. pre-Losing My Religion period through a wonderful, unofficial collection released by IRS called "The Best of R.E.M.", which a high-school mate copied for me on cassette. It was the year 2000 and I was just about to turn 18. That summer I went on holiday on the Venetian seaside with my friends, the first holiday of my life without my parents. "Fall On Me" was mesmerizing for me. Never did I hear something that intense, soaring and epic.

  • Posted on Nov 08 at 11:33 am by JeffRoss

    I remember reading about the band around the time that "Chronic town" was released, but never saw the record. Then, by chance I was in a small record store, looking for a new tape because I had my Walkman, and I found "Murmur" by R.E.M-I was instantly struck by the band- It wasn't punk rock, it wasn't a sixties revival band, it seemed to have so many influences but also they had such a strong identity & sound!