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  • Posted on Nov 09 at 3:43 pm by briaboy

    I met the love of my life in Cape Town in January 1999, and this was the first song I spoke to her about, the lyrics are just beautiful. We requested it online when REM played Brixton Academy in London a few years later - and they played it! Very special.

  • Posted on Nov 09 at 11:21 am by kjetil.idland

    My girlfriend (now wife) and I were on the Greek island of Corfu in the early 90's, renting a room in a house. We had our breakfasts on a delightful small patio there. But in a room on the first floor with a window facing the patio, a boy was clearly very sad, and he played Losing My Religion constantly, singing along (a bit out of tune). At the time I didn't know about R.E.M. so when I heard the song on the radio when I came home and learned the origins, I bought the album and my wife and I were hooked! Thanks for all the good times, Mike, Bill, Peter and Michael!

  • Posted on Nov 09 at 5:57 am by jwallweber

    Reckoning deserves recognition! I've had this album, cassette, or CD on endless repeat numerous times throughout its life. I have a hard time finding a flaw. From the cover art work, Mr. Finster, the whirligigs video, L and R, Voice of Harold is a riot, and all the other nuances I've seen and heard, this album represents my first REM epiphany. Don’t forget about the live version of Time after Time/Red Rain/So Central Rain (Holland, 1987), this simply rocks! The first Letterman show, a very shy Mr. Stipe and Co. performs a song to new to be named.

  • Posted on Nov 09 at 3:29 am by ophelia

    In college, my roommate and I had this set of glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on our dorm room walls. We put the moon right over the door, and I stuck some little glowing action figure of some sort onto the moon so it looked like it was walking on the surface.

    Some nights as I turned out the lights, my roommate would start singing, "If you believe... they put a man on the moon..."

    I always joined in, and then she'd laugh and turn over to fall asleep. Happy memories.