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LG LED Tv's: W2286L, W2486L, 55LH95, 55LH93

LG has announced four new LED-backlit LCD televisions, the W2286L, W2486L, 55LH95, and 55LH93. Let's have a look at whatever they provide.

rca to hdmi cable converterHDTV manufacturer LG recently introduced four new LED LCD television versions which can be presently available in Columbia, but tend to be anticipated to produce their approach to America within the near upcoming, possibly early fall.

Some new versions would be the 22-inch W2286L, 24-inch W2486L, and two 55-inch sets, the 55LH93 and 55LH95. Although the smaller and bigger sets obviously differ in numerous methods, all of them function LED backlighting, as opposed to the traditional cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting typically seen on LCD tv's. LED backlighting will be the hot new trend in LCD televisions, and is viewed as a middleman action on the list of present LCD technologies and the anticipated OLED (natural LED) technology in the future. In brief, an LED-backlit television is the better, most up-to-date technology you can get at the moment, and needs to be on top from the heap for an additional couple of years till OLED, rca to hdmi converter box any which has been notoriously difficult to mass create, can figure itself out and turn out to be available to buyers.

For more in-depth information about LED-backlighting technologies, check our our LED HDTV primer.

LG W2286L and W2486L

The W2286L and W2486L really are a curious duo. The WW2286L is much more your own computer monitor when radio shack digital converters compared to a high-definition tv, but could be harnessed for either. It truely does work two HDMI inputs for high-definition connections, as well as a DVI input for digital hookups to rca to hdmi adapter pcs or laptops. It's also only 20 millimeters thick, so if you are concerned about space and wish to maximum benefit you are able to from your smallest devices, the 22-inch W2286L is a superb option. The W2486L is mainly much like W2286L, except that it leans much more toward the HDTV side from the equation, with a complete Hi-def 1080p resolution. Both models use LED backlights and so are astonishingly energy effective.

LG 55LH95 and 55LH93

The 55LH95 and 55LH93 televisions may also be quite similar to each additional. Both have 55-inch displays, LED backlights, and so are around 24 millimeters thick. From early reports, it's not obvious how the two tv's are dissimilar to one another, although perhaps it'll become clearer when North American release dates are announced.

The LED technologies is nice, and must provide significantly deeper blacks and brighter shades where required. LG states possess integrated seven times numerous LEDs as their competition, producing these versions the most versatile LED sets in the marketplace. One more fascinating feature on these TVs may be the "Wireless HD" capabilities, which allegedly can transmit complete 1080p movie wirelessly in the video supply on the TV, at a distance of 30 feet. By moving much from your TV's picture processing and internal components with a wireless box, LG was capable to accomplish the astonishingly thin profile of those models. 42 and 47-inch variations rca to hdmi adapter radio shack of these models are anticipated to stick to soon, although without the Wireless Hi-def functionality.


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